We help you get answers to your most important questions.

Next Leap can help take you from good to great. We can help you break through your roadblocks and innovate like you’ve never innovated before.


How do we use our limited resources for the biggest impact?

How do we reach more people with our programs or campaigns?

How can we create additional revenue streams?

What success measures should we be tracking? What are the right target values for our metrics?

How do we create a culture of innovation?


What do our customers need and desire?

What's the best way to grow our business?

What will create loyal customers and promoters of our brand?

How do I launch a new business for success?

What should we focus on for the biggest impact?

Next Leap

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How We Amplify Social Good

In-Depth User Research

We conduct research that gives you understanding and insights about your clients, donors, or customers that you’ve never had before. You’ll learn what truly matters to them, why they behave the way they do, and what they are most excited about. This is the foundation for growth and improvement.

Facilitated Innovation Workshops

Our workshops bring your team together to develop new ideas and solutions, translating your collective knowledge and genius into creative “outside the box” new thinking. We’re extensively trained in the most effective methods for collaboration and innovation.

Idea Testing and Validation

We help you identify which ideas are worth pursuing. They key is lightweight experiments with real customers to figure out which ideas will work before you’ve invested too much. With each experiment, you learn how to improve, and you increase your confidence that the idea will truly solve your problem.

Training and Curriculum Development

We educate your people on how to incorporate innovation techniques into their daily work. We help you create an entrepreneurial culture so your organization can operate and adapt effectively, even under conditions of extreme uncertainty.

Our Team

We love what we do and what you do.

CEO & Design Strategist
Dawn Ressel

Dawn's superpower is envisioning a better future for customers.

Innovation Consultant & Program Manager
Lisa Towell

Lisa's superpower is empowering teams to get stuff done.

Whether you need help for a week, or a long-term partnership, we’re ready.

Our Clients

We love our clients because they make the world better.

We work with a range of social impact organizations. Our clients range from non-profits to tech startups, to accelerator programs, to innovations in the food sector. We have a strong passion for organizations that make the world better for humans and non-human animals.


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