What We Do

We work with social impact organizations to amplify the work you are already doing. We do this by:

Bringing empathy and insights to help you better understand your customers and what matters to them

Helping you apply those insights to create better experiences for your customers

Helping you test out new ideas while minimizing risk and maximizing return

Facilitating the creative process to help accomplish your organization's goals

Teaching organizations how to sustain innovation


We bring proven techniques of Silicon Valley innovators to organizations who are making the world better. Those techniques are: design thinking, user research, and lean start-up methods. Our clients are organizations who are creating social impact, whether non-profit or for-profit.

Design Thinking

We help solve complex problems and find desirable solutions. We facilitate your teams in using innovative methods that are action-oriented. Together we create a preferred future.

Research & Insights

We use qualitative and quantitative techniques to help you understand your constituents better than you ever have. We help you discover what they really think or do, who they are and what matters to them.

Testing and Validation

Every problem has a multitude of solutions, some better than others. But how do you choose? I help you apply lean start-up techniques to quickly test ideas and validate hypotheses while minimizing risk.

Facilitation & Workshops

We help your organization solve its toughest problems by harnessing the power of your own people. We facilitate the process to get the best outcomes and teach your organization how to sustain innovation.

Whether you need help for a week, or a long-term partnership, we’re ready.

Our Team

We love what we do and what you do.

CEO & Design Strategist
Dawn Ressel

Dawn's superpower is envisioning a better future for customers.

Innovation Consultant & Program Manager
Lisa Towell

Lisa's superpower is empowering teams to get shit done.

Our Clients

We love our clients because they make the world better.

We work with a range of social impact organizations. Our clients range from non-profits to tech startups, to accelerator programs, to innovations in the food sector. We have a strong passion for organizations that make the world better for humans and non-human animals.


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