Kickstart Your Vegan Business Workshops: Berkeley & San Diego

Kickstart Your Vegan Business Workshops: Berkeley & San Diego

New Workshop Series for Vegan Entrepreneurs


Next Leap is excited to launch a workshop series for entrepreneurs called “Kickstart Your Vegan Business!” This workshop is happening twice this summer: in the San Francisco Bay Area (Berkeley) on June 27 and San Diego on July 21!


This workshop will help vegans launch or grow their business. We create a Business Model Canvas, which has been used successfully for over a decade to help companies. The canvas gives us a way of making sense of our ideas and then validating whether they’ll work in the real world. It’s designed to be used with modern lean startup methods as the fastest, lowest risk way to develop a new business or expand an existing one.


These are the participants from our last workshop:
Workshop Participants


Why this Matters


As a fellow business owner, I’m truly passionate about seeing other vegans succeed. I hope that one day all businesses will be vegan. For now, I’ll do whatever I can to help business owners who are providing products and services that help animals, our planet, and promote human health. Most of all, this is about supporting vegan entrepreneurs. Creating wealth in the vegan community is a great thing because the way we spend our money is one of the biggest ways we can impact the world.

As a former Silicon Valley designer, I’m excited to share the tools and knowledge I gained that has helped so many tech companies be successful. My goal is to bring the most innovative and effective methods to growing the vegan, ethical, cruelty-free business sector.

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The workshop is a four-hour, interactive workshop. You’ll leave with a first draft of your business model and a clear set of next steps. You’ll get ideas out of your head and onto paper in this fun workshop. And lastly, you’ll connect with likeminded vegan entrepreneurs. The workshops are $65 per person.


Register for our June 27 Berkeley workshop
Register for our July 21 San Diego workshop

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